"Is Mexico Safe for Travel?"

Latest News-2012:

According to the U.S. Department Of State:

"The greatest increase in violence has occurred near the U.S. border. However, U.S. citizens traveling throughout Mexico should exercise caution in unfamiliar areas and be aware of their surroundings at all times."

Since Bucerías is as far from the border as Portland, it is MUCH SAFER here that many U.S. cities and common sense is always advised whereever you go. Most of the violence involves the drug cartels and their battle against the Federales.

Travellers will find Bucerías to be a safe place. Being a tourist town, the locals depend on the tourists for their living and therefore the tourists are safe."

U.S. Department of State — Bureau of Consular affairs

About Bucerías , Mexico

 Bucerías  (pronounced Boo-sir-e-us, which means "the place of divers") is a quiet, coastal town located 25 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta along the north shore of the Bay of Banderas (the seventh largest bay in the world) on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

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The zocalo (pronounced SO-cah-low, which means town square, large square or plaza) serves as the central point of Bucerias. Here people come to play, gossip, relax, socialize, dine and worship. Sunday is by far the most entertaining day to visit the plaza. Families dressed in their finest attend mass, balloon and cotton candy vendors hawk their wares to screeching children, old men sit on benches gossiping, and food vendors sell all sorts of delectable treats.

Additionally, you will find the church, numerous stores, town services and the open air market. Many of the less expensive motels and eateries are here, and there are many seafood restaurants. The town's main street is Bonfil, it is only two blocks long. It runs from the highway past the church and plaza to the beach.
Bucerias also offers one of Mexico's finest uninterrupted flat, white-sand beaches that stretches for approximately seven miles and connects to Nuevo Vallarta to the south, and Cruz de Huanacaxtle to the north. It is, without any doubt, the longest beach on the bay.
Surrounding Areas & Communities:

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle (4.1 mi / 7 km),

Puerto Vallarta (11.5 mi / 19 km)

Sayulita (10.6 mi / 17 km)

  A rich art scene is present with galleries such as Splurge Gallery who features International Art and Designer Pewter, The Winged Iguana, Casabor and much more.

Thursday evenings are art walk night, where art lovers are invited to visit galleries as they are open during the evening and serve cocktails and refreshments along Lazaro Cardenas street.

Bucerías  boasts some of the best Tacos on the street, beach and shopping on the Riviera Nayarit.

It is known for open-water fishing for species such as sailfish, marlin dorado and tuna.